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Service on all makes of computers - In Store  or "We do house calls" Call the experts at Colter Bay Computers today for service on your computer equipment. 

  • computer troubleshooting & consulting

  • network troubleshooting & consulting

  • Windows computer tune-ups

  • application software install & upgrade

  • operating system install & upgrade

  • modem/printer/scanner/CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD/Zip drive etc install

  • memory upgrades

  • printer repair on laser and inkjet printers 

  • hard disk upgrades

  • virus removal

  • wireless networking

    Preventative Maintenance  

  • Clean system temp files, old zip files, chk files, reinit the permanent swap file, delete all ~ files, run scandisk, clean CD-ROM drive, dust out CPU case and power supply. Delete temporary internet files, history and cache files. Also advise you of any other repairs or maintance that may need to be done. 

    Have a service question?
    Email our technician at service@cowboystate.net

    Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.














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